Stop Making These 8 Mistakes That Damage Your Kidneys

The kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body which work tirelessly to clean the blood of toxins and excess fluids.

Although vital for our overall health, we rarely pay much attention to the health of our kidneys.

According to experts, we all make certain mistakes which can significantly damage our kidneys. Here are the 8 habits that are hurting the organ:

  • Insufficient water intake

According to experts, you should drink 6-8 glasses every day to keep our kidneys working properly. The organ drains metabolic waste from the body and balances the red blood cells, which can impair the renal blood circulation. If they’re not working properly, the kidneys won’t be able to remove toxins from the body, which will eventually accumulate and cause quite a lot of damage.

  • Not going to pee when you need to

Whenever you feel the need to pee, you should visit the bathroom immediately. Not peeing when you need to go can put too much unnecessary pressure on your kidneys and impair their function.

  • High salt intake

Salt can do a lot of damage to your kidneys, which is why its consumption should be put under control. According to statistical data, 90% of the US citizens eat more salt than they need, which is the main source of kidney problems.

  • Drinking too much coffee

Stick to a cup or two cup of coffees a day in order to keep your kidney function in control.

  • Painkiller abuse

Most of us pop painkillers whenever we feel slight pain, which is a totally different approach which can damage our kidneys. In order to protect your kidneys, you should always treat pain with natural remedies.

  • Not treating colds and the flu

Most of us just wait for colds and the flu to pass on their own, which can put too much strain on our kidneys and damage them.

  • Alcohol abuse

Drinking a lot of alcohol often can seriously damage your kidneys and even cause kidney failure. Alcoholic drinks contain too much toxins which can make the kidneys work harder than they need to and cause numerous problems.

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